William and Susan Aspinall, Malpelo, June 22 to July 3 2014

Inula journey:  June 22nd to July 3rd. 2014 David, Panamá to Malpelo,Colombia Name: William Aspinall and daughter Susan Aspinall Email: winkyt@racsa.co.cr Comments: Many exciting dives, had a chance to see on three different occasions, Whale Sharks, we even managed a time in the water with a dolphin pod as it swam around us. First class attention,.. read more →

Dorkas Kaiser and Bernd Helle, Malpelo, June 22 to July 3 2014

Inula journey: 22.06. – 03.07.2014 Name: Dorkas Kaiser und Bernd Helle Number of dives:  >750 und >150 Comments: WOW, WOW und nochmals WOW!! Absolut glücklich, erledigt und vollauf zufrieden sind wir von Malpelo zurück und wollen uns bei Arvid für die tollen Tauchgänge ganz, ganz herzlich bedanken! Immer noch sind wir beeindruckt mit wie viel.. read more →

Malpelo, July 4 to July 15 2014

  Crossings: Moderate crossing to Malpelo, on the way back first bumpy, later calm  Weather: Thunderstorms nearly every day, beside that not much wind. Lot’s of rain Dive Conditions: Always good visibility, not much current, 27 degrees on the surface, weak thermoclines. Highlights: More Whalesharks than ever, encounters every day, sometimes two at a time,.. read more →

Malpelo June 22 to July 3 2014

  Crossings:First very rough on the way to Malpelo, later moderate, pretty calm on the way back      Weather:Mostly overcast and cloudy, some strong rain, 2 days with strong winds Dive Conditions:Always very good visibility from 0 to 20 meters depth. 28 degrees surface temperature, weak thermoclines, moderate currents, some days with strong surge.. read more →

Gulf of Chiriqui, June 4 to 7 2014

Crossings:   Weather: Some rain and some sunshine, not much wind Dive Conditions: 29 degrees surface temperature, weak thermoclines, 20 meter visibility on average, first big swell, later less, normally weak currents Highlights: Great dives at Hannibal Bank, Montuosa West and Ladrones South   read more →

Zayn Fernandes, Malpelo Extended, May 12 to 26 2014

Inula journey: Malpelo Extended Name: Zayn Fernandes Number of dives: >580 Email: (optional) Comments: (in your preferred language) Thanks Arvid for a great trip! I thoroughly enjoyed the trip on the INULA and diving with bait-balls for the first time was truly a memorable experience. I was very impressed by your professionalism and kindness and.. read more →

Mark Alexay, Malpelo Extended, May 12 to 26 2014

Inula journey: Malpelo Extended, May 12 to 26 2014 Name: Mark Alexay Number of dives: > 400 Email: (optional) Comments: Wow!  Malpelo is my favorite place to dive.  This time was different because it was better.  We saw sharks hot on the tail of yellowfin tuna who were chasing bonito,  large Galapagos sharks coming in for.. read more →

Malpelo Extended, May 12 to 26 2014

Crossings: Moderate conditions from Panama to Malpelo, calm on the way back Weather: 2 days of strong rain in Malpelo, otherwise cloudy or sunny, not much wind Dive Conditions: Very warm (28 Celsius) and clear water near the surface.Around 25 degrees below 20 meters, often strong currents . Highlights: 3 Baitballs ! with many Silky.. read more →

Hans Wanek, Malpelo, March 28 to April 8 2014

Inula journey:                                      28. 03 2014 – 8. 04. 2014 Name:                                                 Hans Wanek Number of dives:                                > 1500, Asien, Afrika, Pazifik (und Seen…) Email: (optional)                                 hans_ch@hispeed.ch Comments: (in your preferred language) Nachdem ich 2011 bereits das Vergnügen hatte, mit der Inula Malpelo zu betauchen, klappte es diesmal Ende März. Wir liefen von Panama.. read more →

Tobias and Florentine, Malpelo and Panama combination, November 22 to December 6 2013

Inula journey: Malpelo and Panama, 22.11.2013 Name: Tobias & Florentine Number of dives: 300 & 200 in Swiss lakes and warm Asian water Email: – Comments: We arrived in Panama one week before boarding the Inula and visited the canal locks and explored the jungle on kayak and by foot. This allowed us to start.. read more →