Malpelo, July 4 to July 15 2014

  Crossings: Moderate crossing to Malpelo, on the way back first bumpy, later calm  Weather: Thunderstorms nearly every day, beside that not much wind. Lot’s of rain Dive Conditions: Always good visibility, not much current, 27 degrees on the surface, weak thermoclines. Highlights: More Whalesharks than ever, encounters every day, sometimes two at a time,.. read more →

Malpelo June 22 to July 3 2014

  Crossings:First very rough on the way to Malpelo, later moderate, pretty calm on the way back      Weather:Mostly overcast and cloudy, some strong rain, 2 days with strong winds Dive Conditions:Always very good visibility from 0 to 20 meters depth. 28 degrees surface temperature, weak thermoclines, moderate currents, some days with strong surge.. read more →

Gulf of Chiriqui, June 4 to 7 2014

Crossings:   Weather: Some rain and some sunshine, not much wind Dive Conditions: 29 degrees surface temperature, weak thermoclines, 20 meter visibility on average, first big swell, later less, normally weak currents Highlights: Great dives at Hannibal Bank, Montuosa West and Ladrones South   read more →

Malpelo Extended, May 12 to 26 2014

Crossings: Moderate conditions from Panama to Malpelo, calm on the way back Weather: 2 days of strong rain in Malpelo, otherwise cloudy or sunny, not much wind Dive Conditions: Very warm (28 Celsius) and clear water near the surface.Around 25 degrees below 20 meters, often strong currents . Highlights: 3 Baitballs ! with many Silky.. read more →

Malpelo, March 28 to April 8 2014

  All underwater pictures by Hans Wanek   Crossings:  Calm crossings and wind from behind both ways       Weather:  Not much wind apart from 2 rough days in Malpelo, always sunny, not many clouds, no rain, pretty hot   Dive Conditions:  Reduced visibility from 0 to 20 meters depth in Malpelo, below that.. read more →

Islas Las Perlas, February 28 to March 3 2014

Weather: Always sunshine, not much wind   Dive Conditions: Moderate currents Good visibility only in the South East   Highlights: Outstanding dive at Isla Galera   read more →

Islas Las Perlas Survey Trip, February 8 to 12 2014

Weather:Always sunshine, not much wind   Dive Conditions:Moderate currents Very cold water and murky in the South, much warmer and clearer in the East   Highlights:Very close Encounter with a very big Grouper   read more →

Islas Las Perlas Survey Trip, January 2 to 6 2014

Crossings:     Weather: Always sunshine, not much wind   Dive Conditions: Often strong currents 25 degrees surface temp Bad visibility in the North Good visibility in the South . Highlights: Nice dive with many beautiful Fishes, good light and visibility at Isla San Jose   read more →

Malpelo and Panama combination, November 22 to December 6 2013

Crossings:Moderate crossings both ways     Weather:Panama: Normally sunshine in the morning and rainshower in the evening, moderate winds Malpelo: Moderate to weak winds, often cloudy with sunny intervalls, rain on the second day, sunshine on the last day   Dive Conditions:Panama: Normally around 15 meters visibility, 28 degrees surface temperature. Variable currents   Malpelo:.. read more →

Panama, November 9 to 11 2013

  Weather:A lot of rain and fresh winds, some sunshine Dive Conditions:Not much current, visibility around 20 meters, 28 degrees surface temperature Highlights:Very good dives at Contreras, Banco Hannibal and Ladrones read more →