Malpelo and Panama May 7-18 2009

May 7-18 2009 Dive Conditions: Mostly 25 meters visibility, 27 degrees surface temperature,Thermocline at 30 meters with 22 degrees, sometimes strong and sometimes weak currents Weather: Weak to moderate winds, often cloudy in Malpelo, some rain. Crossings: Moderate conditions on the way to Malpelo, often calm on the way back, some sailing Highlights: Daily many.. read more →

Malpelo and Panama April 28 – May 4 2009

April 28 – May 4 2009 Dive Conditions: Average visibility, mostly 28 degrees surface temperature,normal currents Weather: Mostly calm and sunny, one day with rain Crossings: Highlights: Huge schools with Yellowfin Tunas, Big Eye Jacks and Red Snappers at Hannibal Bank.Hammerheads at Islas Ladrones, many Whitetip Reefsharks at La Viuda. read more →

Malpelo February 25 -March 8 2009

February 25 -March 8 2009 Dive Conditions: 10-20 meters visibility near the surface, very clear below 20 meters depth, extremely cold water temperatures between 15 and 21 degrees, mostly moderate currents Weather: 3 days calm weather and 3 days of strong winds in Malpelo, a lot of sunshine, no rain Crossings: Moderate conditions on the.. read more →

Malpelo January 13-24 2009

January 13-24 2009 Dive Conditions: Mostly 25 meters visibility.Surface temperature between 23 and 25 degrees. Thermocline at about 30 meters Weather: Rain during the first day, later always sunny, moderate winds. Crossings: Mostly moderate conditions, 6 hours of strong winds against us on the way back Highlights: Close encounters with huge Smalltooth Sandtigers, great numbers.. read more →