Malpelo and Panama August 10 – September 3 2011

August 10 – September 3 2011 Dive Conditions: Visibility in Panama waters mostly 20 meters, in Malpelo 20 to 30 meters. Weak currents. 27 degrees surface temperature in Panama, 26 degrees in Malpelo. Thermocline of 22 degrees below 20 to 30 meters. Weather: Rainy, sunny and cloudy, Weak to fresh winds. Crossings: Moderate crossing to.. read more →

Malpelo July 30 – August 10 2011

July 30 – August 10 2011 Dive Conditions: Variable visibility, often a bit murky. Very irregular currents, sometimes weak and sometimes strong from various directions. 26 degrees surface temperature. Sometimes a thermocline of 19 degrees below 30 meters depth. Weather: Mostly cloudy, some sunshine, weak to moderate winds Crossings: First moderate, later rough crossing to.. read more →

Cocos July 19-30 2011

July 19-30 2011 Dive Conditions: Bad visibility from 0- 25 meters depth, below that pretty clear. 26 degrees surface temperature. Mostly weak but sometimes strong currents. Weather: Mostly cloudy and rainy, not much sun, weak to fresh winds Crossings: Calm crossings both ways Highlights: Many Big Eye Jacks and White Tip Reef Sharks at Submerged.. read more →

Malpelo extended June 3-18 2011

June 3-18 2011 Dive Conditions: 27 degrees surface temperature, thermocline with 24 degrees at 30 meters, weak currents, visibility between 20 and 30 meters Weather: Rainy, sunny and cloudy. Weak to moderate winds Crossings: Rough passage to Malpelo from the departure until the arrival, rainy on the way back but much quieter Highlights: Many Hammerhead.. read more →

Cocos and Malpelo May 3-18 2011

May 3-18 2011 Dive Conditions: Cocos: hardly any current and good visibility, 28 degrees surface temperature, weak thermoclines Malpelo: strong currents and good visibility, 28 degrees surface temperature, thermocline of 23 degrees below 20 meters Weather: Cocos: Mainly calm and sunny Malpelo: Fresh to strong winds, cloudy, lots of rain Crossings: Calm passage to Cocos,.. read more →

Malpelo April 7-18 2011

April 7-18 2011 Dive Conditions: Good visibility, 28 degrees surface temperature. 25 degrees thermocline and another, deeper one with 17 degrees. Moderate currents Weather: Apart from 3 days with fresh winds in Malpelo always calm. Rain during 2 days, otherwise sunny. Crossings: Calm passage on the way to Malpelo, calm on the way back, the.. read more →

Malpelo and Panama March 22 – April 5 2011

March 22 – April 5 2011 Dive Conditions: Below average visibility off Panama and Malpelo, later improving. First 25, later 27 degrees surface temperature in Malpelo. Strong thermocline below 25 meters with temperatures around 21 degrees and clearer water. First weak, later moderate currents. Weather: Mostly calm and sunny, hardly any rain. Crossings: Calm passage.. read more →

Malpelo January 27 – February 7 2011

January 27 – February 7 2011 Dive Conditions: 10 -20 meters visibility near the surface, clear below 20 meters. 26 degrees surface temperature. 17 to 21 degrees below 20 meters. First strong, later weak currents Weather: Mostly sunny, sometimes cloudy, hardly any rain. Mostly calm or weak winds. Crossings: Calm passage on the way to.. read more →