Cocos and Malpelo combination, April 18 to 28 2013

This trip was more about visiting hard to get places – less about diving Dive Conditions: 20 meters visibility in medium depths, above and below that clearer. Weather: Mostly dry and sunny with 3 hours of strong rain at Cocos Crossings: Mostly calm crossings with some movement on the way from David to Golfito and.. read more →

Malpelo, March 20 to 31 2013

Dive Conditions: 10-20 meters visibility near the surface, very clear below 25 meters depth, Around 25 degrees water temperature near the surface. Strong thermoclines with 16 to 20 degrees below 25 meters. First weak currents but very strong on the last day. Weather: Nearly always sunny, hardly any rain, normally flat calm but 2 days.. read more →

Malpelo and Panama combination, February 23 to March 9 2013

      Sandtiger pictures by Andreas Quak Dive Conditions: Visibility in Panama waters mostly 20 meters, in Malpelo 20 to 30 meters. Weak currents. 27 degrees surface temperature in Panama, 26 degrees in Malpelo. Thermocline of 22 degrees below 20 to 30 meters. Weather: Nearly always sunny, hardly any rain, normally flat calm but.. read more →

Panama, February 8 – 13 2013

Dive Conditions: Due to spring tides, strong currents during many dives. Often reduced visibility, 28 degrees surface temperature with a thermocline around 23 degrees below 20 meters. Weather: Always sunny and flat calm sea Crossings: No crossing took place during this journey Highlights: Many White Tip Reef Sharks at La Viuda, hundreds of Big Eye.. read more →