Malpelo, October 28 to November 8 2013

Crossing:Rough crossing to Malpelo, moderate on the way back Weather:First fresh to strong winds and overcast, later much calmer and sunny Dive Conditions:Moderate currents. Normally good visibility in all depth.  Always 27 degrees water temperature, hardly any thermocline Highlights:Baitball involving Tuna, Silkies and Snappers, the perfect Whaleshark encounter, Hammerheads and Galapagos Sharks read more →

Panama, September 27 to 29 2013

Weather: Pretty calm, some sun, hardly any rain Dive Conditions: Not much current, visibility around 20 meters, 28 degrees surface temperature Highlights: 2 Great dives at Banco Hannibal with many Snappers, Tuna and Big Eye Jacks read more →

Malpelo and Panama combination, August 4 to 18 2013

  Crossings:Moderate crossings both ways    Weather:Panama: Normally sunshine in the morning and rainshower in the evening, moderate windsMalpelo: Strong winds during the second day, otherwise moderate, some sunshine, not much rain   Dive Conditions:Panama: Normally around 15 meters visibility, 28 degrees surface temperature with a thermocline of 25 degrees below 20 meters.Variable currents  Malpelo:.. read more →

Panama, August 1 to 3 2013

  Crossing: Weather:Pretty calm, some sun, hardly any rain Dive Conditions:Not much current, visibility around 20 meters, 28 degrees surface temperature Highlights:2 Great dives at Banco Hannibal with many Snappers, Tuna and Big Eye Jacks read more →

Malpelo, July 3 to 14 2013

Crossing:Moderate crossings both ways Weather:3 sunny days in Malpelo, otherwise overcast and some rain. Dive Conditions:Normally not much current, increasing towards the end. Mostly good visibility. Very deep thermocline below 40 meters. Always 26 to 27 degrees water temperature Highlights:Close Hammerhead and Galapagos Shark encounters. read more →

Malpelo extended, June 18 to July 2 2013

Crossing: Rough and bumpy both ways Weather: Mostly fresh winds and overcast, some sunshine, not much rain. Dive Conditions: Hardly any current during the entire journey. Normally good visibility in all depth. Very deep thermocline below 40 meters. Always 26 degrees water temperature Highlights: Whalesharks on 7 out of 9 days in Malpelo, some very.. read more →

Malpelo, May 27 to June 7 2013

Outstanding fauna, even more Silkies than on the previous trip All footage of the videos below have been recorded during this journey Crossing:Pretty rough on the way to Malpelo but some fast sailing for the last 100 miles. Good sailing on the way back but later rough and heavy rain. Weather:Always fresh to strong winds.. read more →

Malpelo extended, May 6 to 20 2013

It’s a Silky year !! Dive Conditions: Always strong currents in Malpelo. Often reduced visibility from 0-20 meters, below that much clearer Weather: Mostly sunny in Panama waters and cloudy in Malpelo. Always fresh winds in Malpelo. Some rain. Crossings: Calm passage both ways Highlights: Hundreds of Silky Sharks every day, good Hammerhead encounters, many.. read more →

Cocos and Malpelo combination, April 18 to 28 2013

This trip was more about visiting hard to get places – less about diving Dive Conditions: 20 meters visibility in medium depths, above and below that clearer. Weather: Mostly dry and sunny with 3 hours of strong rain at Cocos Crossings: Mostly calm crossings with some movement on the way from David to Golfito and.. read more →

Malpelo, March 20 to 31 2013

Dive Conditions: 10-20 meters visibility near the surface, very clear below 25 meters depth, Around 25 degrees water temperature near the surface. Strong thermoclines with 16 to 20 degrees below 25 meters. First weak currents but very strong on the last day. Weather: Nearly always sunny, hardly any rain, normally flat calm but 2 days.. read more →