14 Nov 2012

Cocos and Malpelo May 3-18 2011

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May 3-18 2011

Dive Conditions: Cocos: hardly any current and good visibility, 28 degrees surface temperature, weak thermoclines

Malpelo: strong currents and good visibility, 28 degrees surface temperature, thermocline of 23 degrees below 20 meters

Weather: Cocos: Mainly calm and sunny

Malpelo: Fresh to strong winds, cloudy, lots of rain

Crossings: Calm passage to Cocos, moderate journey from Cocos to Malpelo, the last 100 nautical miles under sail. Rough and fast sailing from Malpelo to Panama
Highlights: More Hammerheads during the first dive in Malpelo than during the entire stay at Cocos. Groups of about 50 Silky Sharks and up to 30 Galapagos Shark encounters per dive in Malpelo
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