Cocos Island is uninhabited, except for the permanent ranger station, and is located  approximately 550 km (340 mi) from the Pacific shore of Costa Rica.
It has an area of approximately 24 km² and has an very wet climate. The dense vegetation and numerous waterfalls making it extremely beautiful.
There are two protected anchorages, Bahia Wafer and Bahia Chatham. Its landmass is punctuated by four mountain peaks, the highest of which is Cerro Yglesisas, at 634 meters  (2,080 feet).
For divers, the main attractions are the large pelagic species including Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks, Silky Sharks and Whale Sharks.
We are offering 2 journeys including Cocos per year, normally for Inula friends and often in combination with Malpelo.