Dive briefings normally take place at 07:00 hrs, 11:00 hrs, and 15:00 hrs (and 19:00 hrs, in case of a night-dive) in the Inula’s salon.

Depending on conditions and location, diving takes place either directly from Inula or from the dive tender.

The supervising boat follows the divers through the entire dive.

Dives take place in buddy pairs and are normally accompanied by the dive guide.

During most dives, divers can decide if they would like to follow the dive guide or if they would like to explore the reef on their own.

During bad weather, strong currents, or at certain exposed sites, dives must take place as one group, with all divers obliged to follow the dive guide.

Nitrox 32 is available to increase bottom time or the safety margin.

At least 25 logged dives and an Advanced Open Water Diver certification or equivalent are requested by the authorities of the Malpelo National Park.

Advanced Open Water and Nitrox certifications can be obtained conveniently during the journeys.


Our dive tender is a 6-meter rigid-hull inflatable boat with center console, tank rest, and triple 40 hp outboard engines.

It is equipped with a ladder and all relevant safety and emergency equipment.

Inflatable boats are, by nature, the safest, most stable, and most comfortable dive tenders.

The boat is in constant touch with Inula via hand-held VHF radio.