Please bring the following:

  •     Mask
  •     Snorkel
  •     Fins
  •     Regulator with pressure gauge and octopus
  •     Buoyancy control device
  •     Full Wetsuit
  •     Underwater torch
  •     Big underwater inflatable sausage with an at least 6 meter line or better a spool or little reel
  •     Whistle
  •     Weight belt (we supply the weights)
  •     Dive computer
  •     Certifications
  •     Logbook
  •     Hood or hooded vest and gloves if you are sensitive to cold

Equipment Provided Onboard

  •     20    11 liter (80 cubic ft) aluminum tanks
  •     4       15 liter (110 cubic ft) steel tanks
  •     Lead, pieces of  1.5 kg (3 pounds) and 1 kg (2 ponds) each

Tank valves adapt for either Yoke or DIN attachment. There is no need to bring adaptors.

Rental prices

  • Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Inflatable sausage with spool: 3 USD per day of diving/each.
  • Small Dive Light: 7 USD per day of diving
  • BCD, Wetsuit, Regulator: 10 USD per day of diving/each.
  • Dive Computer: 10 USD  per day of diving

Please let us know upfront in case you would like to rent equipment