Due to the remoteness, frequently strong currents and quick changing weather conditions at our destinations,
safety is an absolute priority at all times.

Each divers has to carry an underwater inflatable sausage attached to an at least 6 meter (20 feet) rope or better a spool or little reel.

This buoy has to get sent to the surface immediately when the diver lost sight of the reef he has been diving on.

To carry a light is obligatory for each diver on every dive.

The maximum dive time is 60 minutes

We provide a Nautilus Lifeline (submersible Marine Radio with GPS) for every diver at no extra cost

Focusing on remote places far away from the next recompression chamber, additional time at safety stop level is strongly suggested and practiced.

Plenty of surface oxygen is always available and it’s prophylactic use is encouraged whenever in doubt.

Any contact with any living organism including coral has to be avoided at all times.