Regarding the underwater visibility, the Eastern Pacific is not the Northern Red Sea.

The splendid underwater fauna is possible only with nutrient-rich water.

Lateral visibility is normally 25 to 30 meters (83 to 100 feet) at Cocos and Malpelo.

In Panamanian waters, the average visibility is 20 to 25 meters (66 to 83 feet).

Often, there is a cold thermocline around 35 meters (117 feet) in depth.

Below that, the water can be very clear with 40+ meters (133+ feet) lateral visibility.

Water Temperature

Sea water surface temperature is normally between 26 and 27 C (79 and 81 F) Malpelo and Cocos and 1 degree warmer near Panama.

During La Nina, the surface temperature can be as low as 20 C (68 F).

During El Nino, as high as 30 C (86 F).

Thermocline depth varies throughout the year. The temperature inside the thermocline  is often 3 to 5 degrees below the surface temperature.


The strength and direction of the underwater current is extremely variable.

The speed of the current can be up to 2 knots.

Currents are influenced by the tide, wind, and the general ocean currents.

The stronger the current, the more demanding the diving, but the better the big fish encounters.