The menu aboard offer a delicious combination of European and Central American cuisine.
Food is abundant with plenty of fresh tropical fruit and salads, served buffet style.

At 06:00 hrs in the morning tea, coffee, juices, fresh fruits and cookies are served on the table of the salon.

After the first dive: Breakfast includes cereal, eggs, toast, natural whole rye bread, fruits, fresh orange juice, pancakes, milk, yogurt, butter, jam, and more.

After the second dive: Normally, a light lunch including soups and salads.

After the third dive or night dive: Dinner, consisting of seafood or chicken or meat, fresh salad and a dessert.

Hot chocolate will be served after every dive.

Beer, Coca Cola, orange soda, and ginger ale are available. The price $ 2.00 USD per can.
Red wine and white wine from Chile are $12.00 USD per bottle.

Drinking water is from the on board desalinator, is of very good quality, U.V. sterilized, and free of charge.

Please let us know your likes and dislikes regarding meals and drinks. We will consider them as much as possible.

Hard liquor is not available on board, but our guests are welcome to bring their own, which should be purchased prior to boarding.