We provide the most experienced and knowledgeable dive guide in Malpelo

Arvid has logged thousands of dives in Malpelo over the last 10 years. He knows better than anyone where the best dive sites are located, taking into consideration factors such as the constantly changing sea conditions, weather, and time of day. During periods of strong winds or high swells, he can determine whether a spot is still safe for diving—a knowledge that comes only with experience and is rarely found among the guides provided by other liveaboard boats.

We cater to small groups of up to 9 divers

The vast majority of our guests enjoy the fact that the maximum number of passengers on-board the Inula is comparatively small. Our smaller passenger capacity also makes the Inula an ideal choice for booking private, exclusive charters.


We have an immaculate safety record

No diver has ever been seriously injured or got lost during an Inula journey.


Our operation is 100% reliable

All confirmed Inula trips have started and ended as scheduled. We have never had to cancel, postpone, or cut short a journey due to technical problems, a common occurrence in the industry. 


Sailing is so much nicer than motoring !

When traveling to our destinations, we use the sails whenever possible. Enjoy being propelled across the sea by the wind, with the engines switched off.




Smaller environmental footprint

Even when motoring, the amount of diesel consumed per passenger is a fraction of what heavy steel ships use. We travel greener and there are no fuel surcharges !


Our ship offers well-ventilated cabins, and no need for air conditions means, no generator noise during the night

Big windows and hatches in combination with moderate temperatures at our destinations eliminate the need for air conditioning during the journey. Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of a sailboat!



Ours is a flexible, guest-orientated operation

You especially liked a certain dive site? We would be happy to take you there repeatedly. Any special requests regarding food or drinks? We will do our best to accommodate them. Anything else? Just let us know.


We are equipped to meet the requirements of advanced divers.

We have oxygen of up to 160 bar (2400 psi), helium, nitrox, CO2 scrubber, and a range of small cylinders available for rebreather and technical divers.

We are also equipped to support scientific or commercial film projects.