20 Apr 2014

Tobias and Florentine, Malpelo and Panama combination, November 22 to December 6 2013

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Inula journey: Malpelo and Panama, 22.11.2013

Name: Tobias & Florentine

Number of dives: 300 & 200 in Swiss lakes and warm Asian water

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We arrived in Panama one week before boarding the Inula and visited the canal locks and explored the jungle on kayak and by foot. This allowed us to start diving immediately without jet-leg and enjoy the underwater world of Panama. The sites in Panama water were good, but the real world-class diving began in Malpelo. Schools of hammerhead sharks passing through the sun, countless jacks and grunts building seamingly impenetrable silvery glittering walls around us, thousands of yellow cleaning fish floating in the tides around cleaner stations, and not to mention the small-tooth sand tiger sharks at Bajo del Monstruo  made every minute of the trip worthwhile.

The crew of the Inula was very friendly and helpful, and 100% professional. Even though the site was 400 km away from the next shore, potentially strong currents at every dive, we never felt safer on any of our trips.

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