20 Apr 2014

Allen Chan, Malpelo and Panama combination, November 22 to December 6 2013

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Inula journey: Panama/Malpelo November 22 to December 6, 2013

Name: Allen Chan

Number of dives: 276 in total

Email: (optional): atworld2000@hotmail.com

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We did 5 days of diving in Panama water and 6 days in Malpelo.

Arvid is a highly experienced and excellent dive guide/Captain.  He was able to find us the best sites in both Panama and Malpelo.  We enjoyed all our dives and the climb up to the Malpelo Island was really fun.  It’s worth the effort to go up if you have the permission to do so.

Many liveaboards provide large quantity of foods for the divers, but the Inula just serves good, simple and adequate amounts.  This should be the case for all others as wastage will be minimized.

The Inula is one of the best boat I ever been on. It’s not a luxury dive boat but the construction and layout of the boat maximize your enjoyment.  I always sit in front of the boat at night watching stars in the sky and in the day watching dolphins swimming along side (many encounters).

I would highly recommend the Inula to anyone wishing to dive in Panama and Malpelo.  My trip would have been perfect if not for some minor airports transfer issues.

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