13 Nov 2012

Malpelo July 5 – 20 2010

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July 5 – 20 2010

Dive Conditions: Mostly good visibility. Surface temperatures 26 or 27 degrees. Often a thermocline with 22 degrees at about 30 meters. Currents sometimes weak and sometimes strong.
Weather: Very rough and lots of rain at the beginning of the journey. Later either sunny or cloudy days, not much rain. 2 days of strong winds in Malpelo, otherwise moderate conditions.
Crossings: Moderate crossing to Malpelo and calm return. Arrived one day late due to very bad weather in Panama. Instead diving and beach in Jicarita
Highlights: Whalesharks every day, about 17 encounters, more than ever, Hammerheads close at La Nevera, diving and snorkelling with up to 30 Silkies, many Galapagos Shark encounters.
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