13 Nov 2012

Malpelo November 10-21 2009

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November 10-21 2009

Dive Conditions: Mostly 20 – 30 meters visibility, 26 degrees surface temperature, thermocline with 24 degrees only at 40 meters. Mostly weak to moderate but sometimes strong currents
Weather: In Malpelo often cloudy, some rain and some sunshine, moderate to weak winds, mostly sunny in Panama waters.
Crossings: Moderate conditions on the way to Malpelo, sometimes a bit bumpy, mostly weak winds on the way back. Wind against us both ways
Highlights: Friendly Whaleshark at Pared del Naufrago, close Hammerhead encounters at Altair de Virginia, many Galapagos Sharks at La Nevera, thousands of Big Eye Jacks at Los Tres Mosqueteros.
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