Malpelo Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, Colombia, are undoubtedly among the most remote diving destinations.

The area is widely recognized as the finest place in the world to encounter large schools of scalloped Hammerhead sharks.

But this is not the only sensation. You may also see:

Galapagos sharks in numbers




Silky sharks sometimes forming waves with hundreds of individuals




Huge Whale sharks




Squadrons of  Eagle rays flying by




The endemic Red-lipped batfish crawling on the bottom




Green moray eels in bigger numbers than anywhere else




Friendly pods of Dolphins playing near the surface




Occasional Sailfish




Huge schools of Yellowfin tuna




Barracudas completely encircling the divers




With a bit of  luck, a baitball might become the most intense big fish dive in your life




The rare and huge Smalltooth Sandtiger shark




Red Snappers circling, forming living walls




Clouds with hundreds of Big Eye Jacks




And many other species…….