La Nevera

Most important site in Malpelo due to close encounters with big numbers of Hammerheads and all weather accessibility. Galapagos sharks and Eagle rays are also frequent. The water temperatures can be lower than elsewhere at the island. Currents can be strong on the cape forming the southern limit and are mostly  non existent in the center of the bay. Depth range is from 5 to 40 meters (17 to 135 feet).

El Sahara

Extended areas of sandy bottom in 30 to 50 meters (100 to 166 feet) of depth. Hammerhead, Galapagos shark and Eagle Rays encounters are frequent. Dolphins and Amberjacks too. Normally done in one group and as a drift dive due to irregular currents. Exposed to Southerly winds what are predominant in Malpelo and can create choppy surface conditions. There is also scenic cavern, 10 meters (33 feet) wide and 30 meters (100 feet) deep. Depth range is from 20 to 40 meters (66 to 135 feet).

La Pared de Resguardo and Los Gemelos

Drift dive along the vertical wall forming the Southeastern Coast of Malpelo. Numbers of Hammerheads encountered during a dive fluctuate massively between various hundreds or none existent. Depth range is from 10 to 40 meters (33 to 135 feet).


Bajo del Monstruo

Tower shaped reef with 8 meters (26 feet) water over it, dropping steep to 60 meters (200 feet). Best known spot worldwide for Smalltooth Sandtiger (Odontaspis ferox) encounters from mid December to late April at more than 40 meters (133 feet) depth. Beautiful reef in the shallow. Creolefish is often being chased by Amberjacks. Cleanerstation with Butterflyfish. Depth range is from 5 to 60 meters (17 to 200 feet).

La Gringa

Biggest rock in the South of Malpelo. Huge schools of Big Eye Jacks are frequently encountered in the afternoon. Various cleanerstations formed by Butterflyfish. Good spot to encounter Hammerheads in the afternoon. Very friendly Leatherbass. Galapagos Sharks and Silky Sharks are also common. Nice cavern at 30 meters (100 feet). As the site is fully exposed to the predominant Southerly winds it should only be dived in calm or moderate conditions. Depth range is from 5 to 30 meters (17 to 100 feet).

La Ferreteria

Pinnacle at 19 meters (63 feet), dropping steep to 60 meters (200 feet). Enormous numbers of Green Morays, up to 20 of them  on few square meters. Midsize fish such as Amberjacks, Leatherbass, Yellowfin Tuna and Pacific Dog Snappers form huge schools. Many Scorpionfish and Creolefish too. Whaleshark encounters here are above average. A truly magic and pristine spot ! Depth range is from 15 to 30 meters (50 to 100 feet).

Altair de Virginia and Cada de Fantasma

Another very important spot as it often combines easy diving with plenty of Hammerhead sharks. The topography of the reef (rocks on top of sandy bottom) is making close Hammerhead encounters frequent. Residential school of very friendly Barracudas what often completely enclose the carefully approaching divers. Beautiful coral reef with a lot of activity in the shallow at Cada de Fantasma. Depth range is from 5 to 30 meters (17 to 100 feet).

Los Tres Mosqueteros

Group of  tower shaped rocks in the North of Malpelo. Unbelievable numbers of Big Eye Jacks in the afternoon. Red Snappers often rotate and form living walls around the group of divers sitting on the sandy bottom. Beautiful cavern with Blue and Gold Snappers. White Tip Reef Sharks are patrolling the entrance. This side also has a very active cleaner station. Diving here can be demanding during strong currents. Depth range is from 10 to 35 meters (33 to 115 feet).


35 meters (116 feet) sandy plateau and rocks with 25 meters (83 feet) of water over them. Good spot for Galapagos sharks, Hammerheads and Silky sharks. There is often a big school of Red snappers present. The direction of the surface current here is frequently opposite to the current at depth. Mostly a short but intense dive. Depth range is from 20 to 35 meters (66 to 116 feet).



Rock in the South and best spot to encounter the rare Red Lipped Batfish at 40 meters (133 feet). Often plenty of Amberjack activity on the southern tip. Various cleaner stations. Exposed to surge and Southern winds. Depth range is from 5 to 40 meters (17 to 133 feet).


La Pared del Naufrago
Wall in the North of Malpelo near the Inula mooring. Often a great drift dive with the currents always parallel to the wall. Best place to encounter Whalesharks. Thousands of friendly Grunts in shallow water. Depth range is from 5 to 30 meters (17 to 100 feet).