30 May 2014

Mark Alexay, Malpelo Extended, May 12 to 26 2014

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Inula journey: Malpelo Extended, May 12 to 26 2014

Name: Mark Alexay

Number of dives: > 400

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Comments: Wow!  Malpelo is my favorite place to dive.  This time was different because it was better.  We saw sharks hot on the tail of yellowfin tuna who were chasing bonito,  large Galapagos sharks coming in for close inspection of divers, and the famous hammerheads. For these interactions the ecosystem has to be intact.  Malpelo is one of the very few places where you can see raw marine nature in action.  The currents and depths are scary, but hey, with Arvid and his Inula, it’s safe even though you’re in the middle of the ocean.

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