Fish, fish, fish !
Unbelievable amounts! Hardly any dive when you don’t run into big schools. Most species might be familiar, but here, you will see them in bigger size and much greater numbers!
You may encounter:
•    White Tip Reef sharks in numbers
•    Clouds with hundreds of Big Eye jacks
•    Scalloped Hammerhead sharks
•    Grey Reef sharks
•    Schools of Barracudas encircling the divers
•    Huge Manta Rays
•    Friendly Dolphins playing near the surface
•    Humpback whales, often mother and calf
•    Squadrons of Eagle rays flying by
•    Big Groupers
•    Diamond Sting Rays laying on the bottom
•    Lobsters
•    Turtles
•    Occasionally Whale sharks and much more
We dive around off shore banks, islands and islets in the Gulf of Chiriqui.
The 40 km long island Coiba is incredibly beautiful and almost uninhabited.

This area is pristine and undeveloped – you may not see another dive boat during the entire journey.
Often we visit remote islands and beaches at the end of a diving day.
Trips in Panama waters also include several dives at the famous Hannibal Bank.